"For me, BCAS is my family [...] it helped me become confident [...] and be a better player."
-Dave Antonio
Grade 10, SY 2016-2017

"BCAS is one of the most well-organized and one of the most top-rated schools in Lipa City in terms of Academic and Sports Competitions. BCAS is still progressing and enhancing. BCAS is continuing to grow and be better.

I have learned a lot of things here in this institution. For more than 4 years of staying here in BCAS, I already improved to be a better individual inside and outside the campus. And one of the most memorable thing that BCAS did is to enhance my English speaking skills.

Being a varsity in this school has taught me a lot of principles in life. It taught me how to balance academic and sports. It also taught me to push hard and never give up in tough situations in life.

On of the most unforgettable moments in my life here in BCAS is our JHS Moving Up Ceremony. Various feelings had hit me and that made me reminisce all the memories I had shared with this campus."

-Russel Blake S. Leyson
Grade 11-Apatite, SY 2016-2017

"BCAS is continuously improving in the past 16 years. I'm amazed kasi 16 years palang siya, there are a lot improvements.

What I learned here is to be able to communicate and interact with people. It also boosted my confidence.

My most unforgettable experience was being elected SSG president for the school year 2016-2017. It helped me a lot. I was 5 steps closer with the school heads. I also served as the voice of my fellow students."

-Allysa M. Mapute
SSG President, SY 2016-2017

"BCAS for me, is a progressing school that strives to fully achieve its potential. It still amazes me how it can continue as a school that provides holistic and well-rounded teachings for its students.

Since I am a new student, I am still in pursuit of finding the school's true purpose as I approach onto my 2nd year. But what I expect is truly a rewarding experience.

What I learned is to be able to be confident and interact with people and learn to share my knowledge and expertise on certain subjects.

My most unforgettable experience in BCAS was when I became a candidate for two election, despite being still a new student. Albeit the case, I was still able to bring out my potential."

-Joshua P. Tabernilla
Grade 11-Howlite, SY 2016-2017

"BCAS is very good for me because it taught me how to be patient and respectful to others.

It also taught me how to do my thesis papers because we didn't do that in my previous school.

My most unforgettable experience here in BCAS is the Variety Show."

-JM Panaligan
Grade 11, SY 2016-2017

"For me, BCAS is a systemized school that nurtures and develops its students in different aspects. It is a wonderment for me and I can say that itís positively different from other schools.

What I learned here is to be able to express myself with confidence. I learned how I can make use of small things to help with big ones. I became productive, responsible and strong.

I know BCAS has many challenges for students to grow and be competitive enough in the future.

Being a journalist, is not an easy task but it taught me how life can be frustrating at times but challenging.

My most unforgettable experience is when I became one of the writers to represent BCAS during the Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC).

It felt that it was my first and last time to compete in RSPC. I learned a lot of things during the competition that I will always remember and treasure for a lifetime."

-Shaira Carandang
Grade 10-Tourmaline, SY 2016-2017

"For me, BCAS is a community of education where everyone is family.

In here, my social abilities are developed and this is also where I met my husband, Sir Joseph Melo.

My most unforgettable experience in BCAS is when I joined my husband in playing football under the rain with the football team."

-Teacher Lawrence Melo
Junior High School Assistant

"You may know BCAS for their academics and sports but they also let students enhance their talents. BCAS doesn't just let the students show their intelligence and their athletic ability but they let them show what kind of talent BCASians have. It may be singing, dancing, being a journalist, song writing, acting, photojournalist, editor and anything that you could think of. BCAS let their students enhance each of their talents, not just for their benefit but also to let the students know what kind of ability they have and what skills they can develop. But that's not all, BCAS just don't let the students enhance their talents but also let the students have fun and enjoy themselves.

Last February 24, 2017, BCAS held a variety show starring the BCASians and of course, will the teachers be last? BCASians and the teachers showcased their talents with singing and dancing. They didn't just showcase their talents but they also had fun while performing. The viewers/audience had fun but they were also encouraged to know what kind of talent they have. They practiced, they may not have perfected the moves or tone but it's a step on developing the talents that they have. It also developed their confidence in facing a lot of audience and encourage them to show every talent that they have.

The Variety Show isn't just the event that let you showcase your talents. It can also enhance your talents and what kind of ability that you have."

-Theresa Dimaano
Grade 9-Obsidian, SY 2016-2017

"BCAS is one of the training grounds where you can develop your skills, for example is (you can train yourself in) speaking English. BCAS (also) taught me how to be a good leader, an adviser, a teacher and a performer. The most remarkable experience that I have was (being) the first time over-all chairman of a big project, the Variety Show which was really successful."

-Sir Paulo Rivera
JHS & SHS Math Instructor