School History

          Sixteen years after establishing the Lipa City Science High School (now Lipa City National Science High School) of which he was administrator for 12 years, and, separating from public service in 1995, Dr. Jose Recinto de Castro thought of putting up another school, this time, a private school in his own residence at Banaybanay Concepcion, Lipa City. His wife, Dr. Renie Macaraig de Castro was not so keen of the idea because of what she has observed as Regional Supervisor of the Department of Education, Region IV. One school she visited had only two high school enrollees during its first year of operation despite having complete facilities. She was afraid the same case might happen, especially the area where they were intending to put up the school is quite far from the city proper. But because of the persistent prodding of her husband she finally acceded to his wish of putting up their own school and began processing the papers at SEC, DepEd, CHED, and TESDA. The school was named Batangas Science School and had the approval of its registration with SEC on November 12, 1999 and was subsequently granted government permit to operate the high school levels by DepEd.

          The school opened in June 2000 with 19 selected students out of the 72 students who took the examination and with the founders as the first teachers together with Mrs. Miriam Simera-Ramos as a part-time mathematics teacher. They also acted as the first administrators with Dr. Renie Macaraig de Castro serving as the School Principal and Mr. Lope de Castro serving as the maintenance man and traffic aide. The high school curriculum offered was the Special Science-Math curriculum.

          The following year, due to insistent demand from a group of parents from Mataasnakahoy, the school opened its Elementary Department, although it was intending to open only the Pre-elementary levels. The school accepted only students from grades one to four even though it was already issued a permit to operate up to grade six. The total school population became 124, so eight (8) teachers had to be hired. To complement the reconfigured residential building, the school had to construct a two story-building of four classrooms which was completed in 2002.

          On the third year of operation, School Year (SY) 2002-2003 with 329 students enrolled, the school started offering the Arts Curriculum to further develop the talents of students in the arts and for those finishing grade six to have choices. The first three-story building (NB building) with 12 classrooms was constructed during this school year at the original campus, to be able to accommodate the growing population. In School Year 2003-2004, the school’s fourth year of operation 512 students enrolled and they were the first occupants of the building. The lower grades however stayed at the reconfigured building and the four-classroom building.

          The school gained popularity through its Science-Math Curriculum and the Speak English Policy. With the increasing number of teachers hired year after year due to the drastic increase in student population, the administrators realized the need to have mentors trained according to its mission and vision, so the school decided to open college courses for teachers. The College Department was opened in School Year 2006-2007. Three courses opened were Bachelor of Elementary Education, Bachelor of Secondary Education, and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

          With the opening of the College Department, and the Principal acting as Dean of the college, the school created the position of Assistant Principal. The first appointee was Mrs. Jovy F. Vergara, an English teacher. The following school year her position was held by Mr. Ernie G. Santoyo. It was also during this school year that the elementary department with a population of 684, had to move to its own campus which was acquired in 2005. This compound has an area of 6,125 square meters, and initially with 10 classrooms built right after its acquisition.

          The year 2007 was highlighted by the construction of the three-floor JRC building with an administrative office on the ground floor, six classrooms in the second and third levels. A covered court, the size of a full basketball court, was constructed at the same time.

          In School Year 2009-2010, the 6,000 square meter field along the highway to Mataasnakahoy was acquired. The new area provided a spacious parking space and a football field. It was also this school year when a personnel to help run the college was hired. The position of College Coordinator was opened and Ms. Rowena P. Salazar, a Bachelor of Computer Data Processing Management graduate was hired to fill up the position.

          In School Year 2010-2011 Bachelor of Science in Information Technology was offered. It was also during this school year when the reconfigured 300 square meter residential house where the first batch of 19 students held classes became a three-story library building to house the conference room, president’s office, guidance office, home economics room, private room, clinic, chapel and office of the College Coordinator. On the second level are the library and computer laboratories and function hall is on the third floor. During the same school year, Mrs. Kristina Lawrence Katigbak-Melo, a Mathematics teacher was appointed Teacher-in-Charge and eventually became an Assistant Principal.

          The construction of the two-story building with six classrooms at the Elementary Compound to house levels 5 and 6 of the grade school started during Summer 2012. Installation of air-conditioning units in all the classrooms at the Annex (Elementary Compound) and main campus likewise started.

          In 2012, the high school emerged to be as competitive as the best high schools in the country. Miss Christelle Niña G. Africa ranked number one among the 72,000 UPCAT examinees from all over the country

          During the school year, 2012-2013, all the classrooms were fully air-conditioned. The main campus now houses only the high school and the college departments after the complete transfer of the graders. The fence surrounds the perimeter of the whole school areas at the Annex and the entrance gate at the parking area is constructed. The school had the CCTV system installed, improving the security of the school premises. It was also during this school year when Mrs. Niceta Macaraig-Parilla took over the position of Mrs. Norilyn A. Fetalvo, who was Assistant Principal for the Elementary Department for two years.

          The Home Economics (HE) building, carpentry building, and covered pavement from the guard house to the elementary compound entrance gate were added constructions for the School Year 2013-2014. In September of the same school year, the first graduates of Bachelor of Elementary Education took the board exam and proved that the college teacher training of the school to be an excellent one. It was a 100% passing rate for the school.

          In School Year 2014-2015, a separate compound with a new building with suitable facilities for was put up for the pre-elementary students. The secured compound with exclusive playground facilities allowed them to enjoy their break periods and playtime without inherent safety concerns from playing with bigger students.

          The following school year, in time for the proposed implementation of Grades 11 and 12, the school was offered to purchase two lots with a total area of 9, 186 square meters at the back of the main campus. It did not have second thoughts of taking the offer. A year later, the 8, 186 square meter lot adjoining the elementary compound and the main campus was acquired. This paved the way for having one big compound for the school with an area of more than three (3) hectares. With the acquisition of the lot, students need not go through the highway in going from one campus to the other.

          Responding to the challenges of the K to 12 Curriculum, BCAS remains faithful to its philosophy, that is, it exists for the student. It should be able to bring about the most desirable outcomes from the experiences it provides the student, for himself or herself, as well as for his or her community and the larger world outside.

          The first batch of Grade 11 students consisting of 91 enrollees was welcomed by the school in June of SY 2016-2017. In December of the same school year two members of the Board of Directors, Mrs. Rina Victoria de Castro-Jacobson started joining the management of the school as Vice-President for Student Affairs and Marketing and Mr. Bradley Jacobson as Vice-President for Strategic Planning.

          For School Year 2017-2018 there are 150 new enrollees for Senior High School. This year brings about remarkable changes with the school plant and facilities: a new three-story fifteen classroom building, new canteen building, transfer of the football field from along the highway to the back of the main campus, and the upgrading of the two elementary comfort rooms. Construction has begun on a new multipurpose student activity center (gymnasium), aquatic facility, and a second Home Economics Building.

          Indeed the school is set to prepare all its clientele to move to greater heights- to climb the mountains, to kiss the clouds.

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